"Great gym with awesome people and amazing trainers! The classes are great fun but very educating and well structured at the same time, and the gym is very well equipped with everything required for a good workout! Loving it!!! "
Sandra Sharifi

“I've been training with Justin for almost 4 yrs. His dedication, professionalism and attitude is the best I've seen in any gym. His entire team has years of experience and are willing to help in whatever goals you're trying to achieve. The atmosphere is very relaxing, and inviting. It's worth taking the time to check out”
Mark Sevo

"She gave me the courage, the motivation and the willingness to push my self when I was ready to give up. Thank you Micheline for being the best trainer, friend & mostly being you! Looking forward to achieve my goals with you.”
Abeer Gharbia

"The first time I came here I was nervous but that changed real quick! The coaches and people here make it such an inviting atmosphere & I always manage to have fun while getting an awesome work out! "
Keisha GoofLeaf

"Justin and the team at AMMMA are true professionals. They create diverse, challenging and fun workouts that keep me engaged and constantly improving/adapting. I find myself pushing hard during each session however great care is taken to avoid injury and promote balance and flexibility. If someone if looking for an honest, tough and committed team of trainers then AMMMA is the place to go”
Ryan Bloom

"Within one month I was feeling more energized and engaged. Micheline is motivating, attentive, knowledgeable and obviously passionate about her work. A real pleasure and I look forward to the sessions and am disappointed when I have to miss one - good sign!”
Lorraine Brooke

"It was a great atmosphere to train in, very upbeat. The combinations make it so you have to work out your brain at the same time, almost forget you're dripping sweat. 10/10 would recommend"
Clayton Landry

"People, place and classes are great! Couldn't imagine that marshal arts can be so addictive. I would definitely recomend this place for people who want to keep their bodies in a good shape and have fun. Professionals make it easy for you to step in."
Antonia A.B.

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