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Justin Etheridge

Founder, owner, and head coach of Angry Monkey MMA – has been helping fighters, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts reach their goals for years. Known for his energy, passion, and work ethic, Justin is a certified personal trainer and boxing coach with experience in competitive grappling and mixed martial arts. Along his path he’s trained with world-class coaches including Dickie Eukland, Sean Thompkins, Martin Kampmann, Mark Delagrotte and the legendary “El Guapo” - Bas Rutten. With an approach to training that blends boxing and kickboxing with a rigorous strength and conditioning regimen, he has achieved tremendous results with a wide variety of clients of all fitness levels. Justin prides himself on his dedication to his clients and is motivated above all to develop engaging and interesting routines that will bring anyone to levels they’d never imagined, no matter if their goal is to get in shape and have fun or to pursue competitive fighting.

“It's refreshing to meet people like… Justin, people who come in to train and actually really want to learn and become better teachers. Many others just want the experience to train with me … I just enjoy it a bit more when it’s a ‘sponge student’” BAS RUTTEN “El Guapo”

Diego Vasques

Coach Diego Vasques is Angry Monkey's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach . Diego grew up in Rio De Janeiro , Brazil . He started his grappling training at the age of 3 years old and competed for the first time at the age of 5 !!! Diego earned his Black belt under BTT Canada founder , Fabio Hollanda . With over 30 years of Grappling training , competition and his passion for coaching , Diego is undeniably among the best of the best coaches in Canada .

Stephane Lamoureaux

Stephane has spent over half his life steeped in in the sport of boxing. With five years of coaching experience and ten amateur fights as a member of the Angry Monkey fight team, he’s a rich resource of knowledge on technique and style for any level of boxer. His passion for the sweet science has propelled him to commit his time and his body to this beautiful sport and in his role with Angry Monkey he’s now dedicated to cultivating that same passion in others. Well-spoken and friendly, Stephane is equally prepared to teach everyone from kids to adults the steps and the swings to success in the ring.

Sean St Louis

Sean St. Louis is a natural athlete with a lifelong background in a variety of sports. Since joining Angry Monkey, his focus has been on kickboxing, striking, Muay Thai, and conditioning and his tireless work ethic has seem him improve quickly. As a member of the fight team, Sean has proudly represent AMMMA in the ring around Montreal and will continue to do so. Bright, professional, and approachable demeanor Sean is a great fit as the private Muay Thai trainer. Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or itching to get back into the ring, Sean is ready to work with you one-on-one to achieve your goals.

Conny Reyes

Conny is the epitome of hard work and dedication . Conny is the real deal , she has been in 20+ boxing fights and loves to share here passion , knowledge , experience and energy with her students . Her classes are always well balanced , fun , exciting , challenging and motivating . Conny is fluent in English , Francais and Espagnol !!! Classes are adapted for levels , come by now for a free trial class!!!

All trainers are certified, experienced and have CPR and/or First Aid

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